A smile magnified with cosmetic dentistry

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Cosmetic dentistry has become a specialty in its own right. Alongside conservative and prosthetic care, the demand for aesthetic treatments is growing. It can even accompany aesthetic medicine, which is experiencing a similar craze.

Whether for professional or personal reasons, we are attaching increasing importance to the image we want to project of ourselves.
Creators of smiles
At Nacar Dental Clinic, for many years now, our mission has been to CREATE SMILE. Restoring, modifying, correcting or rejuvenating - these are the results of the treatments we offer.

Today, we have state-of-the-art techniques for the functional and aesthetic rehabilitation of your smile. We respond to every request to modify the shape and color of your teeth.

Every treatment we offer is validated by our expertise and experience, so we can offer every guarantee of success and follow-up. Intra-oral scans, visual simulations and the choice of high-quality ceramics are all part of our commitment to excellence.

The various treatments, which can be combined according to each case, involve complete dental rehabilitation to restore functional and aesthetic balance:
  • dental veneers to modify the shape and unsightly color of teeth,
  • ceramic and zirconia prostheses to modify existing teeth,
  • implants and bridges for missing teeth teeth whitening to remove discoloration,
  • the lengthening of teeth that are barely visible when smiling,
  • gum surgery and grafting if the gums are too visible when you smile, or conversely if the gums have receded,
  • realigning teeth or closing diastemas to narrow the interdental space of one or more teeth using orthodontics.
  • They are all tailor-made treatments that are established in dialogue with the patient, in order to meet their expectations when they seek the advice, experience and expertise of their dedicated dentist.
    On-site dental laboratory
    The existence of a prosthesis laboratory within our practice enables us to ensure that the prostheses are properly made. The quality, flexibility and fitting of the teeth we produce enable us to check them at every stage before they are placed in their final position.

    During an initial consultation, we'll explain all the solutions offered by cosmetic dentistry. We will carry out a thorough examination of your oral health. Infectious and inflammatory problems will be treated before any aesthetic imperfections are corrected.

    Then, using an intraoral camera and a digital screen, we'll assess your aesthetic situation and work together to find an optimal solution, based on your teeth, skin tone, gender or gender reassignment, and age. Our prosthetist will be involved in this step.

    The need for implants or gum grafts will also be assessed. Above all, there must be cohesion and exchange between the patient and the professionals involved. Being involved in your aesthetic project is essential.
    marc nacar

    MARC Nacar

    Dentist (CH)
    Specialty: functional/esthetic oral rehabilitation and implantology
    Education: Master in Dental Sciences (UCL, BE), Master in Implantology (NY, USA) and Craniofacial Aesthetics (Boston, USA)
    Titles: President of the Belgian Society of Dentistry SMD (1990-1995), Founder and President of the Belgian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry BAED (1994), international lecturer and scientific editor.
    inami number: 38711413001
    BCE company number: BE 0442.644.454
    Amma insurance: 599097
    AFCN customer number: 502725
    Professional visa number: 64110508720
    géraldine frings

    GéRALDINE Frings

    Dental assistant
    camille de bock

    Camille De Bock

    Dental assistant
    laetitia peira

    Laetitia Peira

    Dental assistant
    alexandra collin

    Alexandra Collin

    Dental assistant
    jade hetroy

    Jade Hetroy

    Specialization: dental hygiene and control
    Education: Haute Ecole de Santé Publique (BE)
    Inami number: 1-00173-08-000
    Company number: BCE 0791-335-797
    Curalia member number (pro insurance): 94491
    Visa: 376545
    chloé morier

    Chloé Morier

    Specialty: dental hygiene and control
    Education: Ecole d'Hygiénistes Dentaires (Geneva)
    Inami number: 1-00046-52-000
    Company number: BCE 0797.904.281
    Visa: 350710
    maxime brouleau

    Maxime Brouleau

    Specialty: dental ceramics
    Education: Certified Dental Technician
    tatiana zogheib

    Tatiana Zogheib

    Specialty: orthodontics, Invisalign certification
    Education: Faculty of Dentistry (USJ, Lebanon), Master's degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (UIC, Spain)
    BCE company number: BE0800.791.517
    inami number: 32005050-007
    Amma insurance: 2069325
    VISA de travail: 170632
    Laurette Lalo

    Laurette Lalo

    Doctor of Dental Surgery
    Specialty: pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, aligner orthodontics with Invisalign certification
    Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery (FR)
    BCE company number: BE0823085580
    Inami: 39818401001
    Assurance Pro: AMMA SMD86797
    manon dechambre

    Manon Dechambre

    Specialty: general dentistry and endodontics
    Education: General Dentist (BE), Endodontics training (FR)
    Company number: BE0719.501.854
    Inami number: 31712862001
    Professional liability insurance: Amma (contract number 2042417)
    muriel nacar

    Muriel Nacar

    Education: Management Engineer (Solvay Business School, ULB)