What is a restrictive lingual brake, its consequences and solutions?

How can we ensure the healthy growth of our children's jaws and teeth?
lingual brake
Lingual frenectomy is a procedure designed, in certain cases, to release a restrictive tongue frenulum.

The lingual frenulum is an embryonic vestige of tissue located between the lower surface of the tongue and the floor of the mouth.

At the end of tongue formation, a natural phenomenon of cellular degeneration releases the tongue. If this cellular apoptosis is incomplete, the tongue is restricted, whereas it should play its role as a maxillary growth stimulator.
The functions of sucking, chewing, swallowing, speaking and breathing have an effect on morphogenesis, and act as the best natural orthodontic appliance. For the palate to develop correctly, the tongue must be able to take its rightful place, helping to position the teeth optimally.
The implications are manifold, both in the short and long term:
  • Aesthetics: narrow palate, gaps, overlapping teeth, lack of cheekbones, asymmetrical posture.
  • Functional: sucking difficulties during breastfeeding, reduced lactation, malocclusion, enlarged tonsils, dental disorders, sleep disorders, bruxism, gag reflexes, reflux, jaw and neck muscle tension and pain, orthodontic and orthopedic disorders.
  • A restrictive bite will always result in a low tongue position, but a low tongue position is not always caused by a restrictive bite!

    This is why diagnosis must be made by a competent professional. It is imperative to consider the oral situation, as well as the symptoms in their entirety, before making a diagnosis and, above all, planning a frenectomy.

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