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At Nacar Dental Clinic, the use of the latest advances in digital technology is an essential prerequisite for optimal care management to meet our high standards.
What is digital workflow in dental practice?
It can be defined as the use of digital technologies to facilitate, optimize and accelerate existing "analog" clinical protocols in the dental practice.

It is used to produce radiographs, photographs and impressions, and to design prostheses (crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays/onlays for ceramic restorations). It is therefore an indispensable tool for maximizing all The treatments dental workflows.

This flow starts with the acquisition of digital files of various types. The data generated is processed in our laboratory by file fusion and 3D design programs, enabling us to design and draw any type of oral medical device. The latter is then produced by 3D printing and/or 3D milling (CAD-CAM concept known since the '80s).
Impressions: their advantages
Digital fingerprints can be generated using our optical scanners. In general :
  • They improve patient experience and comfort. For example, by avoiding bulky materials in the mouth and reducing the gag reflex.
  • They provide access to digital precision and reduce errors (mixing, blending, polymerization, incorporation of bubbles).
  • They are easy to use, and reduce the risk of rework by enabling easy, straightforward corrections.
  • They are extremely useful for communication between patient and technician. Thanks to them, it's easy to explain the patient's current oral health situation, and an assessment can be made based on the images on the large screen.
  • Impression and prosthesis
    From an impression, the prosthesis in question can be designed directly in our laboratory and sent to the milling center.
    Impressions and orthodontics
    In orthodontics, all impressions can be scanned and digitized. This saves a considerable amount of time in managing the numerous impressions required in orthodontic practice, as well as enhancing precision.

    In addition, digital impressions can be merged with treatment simulation programs to provide the patient with a treatment preview.

    They are then sent to our laboratory, where the requested treatments (clear aligners, bracket positioners, retainers, removable interceptive appliances and sleep apnea prevention appliances) are immediately fabricated. The laboratory's response time is greatly enhanced by the fact that it receives the impressions instantly.
    Impressions and occlusion
    With regard to occlusion (contacts between upper and lower teeth), occlusal points can be studied on optical impressions. Premature contacts and over-contacts can be precisely visualized, corrected in the mouth and then scanned again to assess progress. This is of interest in natural, prosthetic and implant dentistry alike.

    In conclusion, digital impressions :
  • increase your comfort,
  • simplify protocols,
  • eliminate the need for plaster work,
  • improve communication between all stakeholders (practitioners, prosthetists, patients)
  • while optimizing precision and the final treatment result.
  • We're always happy to offer you the very latest in technology and progress.

    Contact us, we'll be happy to answer all your questions.
    marc nacar

    MARC Nacar

    Dentist (CH)
    Specialty: functional/esthetic oral rehabilitation and implantology
    Education: Master in Dental Sciences (UCL, BE), Master in Implantology (NY, USA) and Craniofacial Aesthetics (Boston, USA)
    Titles: President of the Belgian Society of Dentistry SMD (1990-1995), Founder and President of the Belgian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry BAED (1994), international lecturer and scientific editor.
    inami number: 38711413001
    BCE company number: BE 0442.644.454
    Amma insurance: 599097
    AFCN customer number: 502725
    Professional visa number: 64110508720
    géraldine frings

    GéRALDINE Frings

    Dental assistant
    camille de bock

    Camille De Bock

    Dental assistant
    laetitia peira

    Laetitia Peira

    Dental assistant
    alexandra collin

    Alexandra Collin

    Dental assistant
    jade hetroy

    Jade Hetroy

    Specialization: dental hygiene and control
    Education: Haute Ecole de Santé Publique (BE)
    Inami number: 1-00173-08-000
    Company number: BCE 0791-335-797
    Curalia member number (pro insurance): 94491
    Visa: 376545
    chloé morier

    Chloé Morier

    Specialty: dental hygiene and control
    Education: Ecole d'Hygiénistes Dentaires (Geneva)
    Inami number: 1-00046-52-000
    Company number: BCE 0797.904.281
    Visa: 350710
    maxime brouleau

    Maxime Brouleau

    Specialty: dental ceramics
    Education: Certified Dental Technician
    tatiana zogheib

    Tatiana Zogheib

    Specialty: orthodontics, Invisalign certification
    Education: Faculty of Dentistry (USJ, Lebanon), Master's degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (UIC, Spain)
    BCE company number: BE0800.791.517
    inami number: 32005050-007
    Amma insurance: 2069325
    VISA de travail: 170632
    Laurette Lalo

    Laurette Lalo

    Doctor of Dental Surgery
    Specialty: pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, aligner orthodontics with Invisalign certification
    Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery (FR)
    BCE company number: BE0823085580
    Inami: 39818401001
    Assurance Pro: AMMA SMD86797
    manon dechambre

    Manon Dechambre

    Specialty: general dentistry and endodontics
    Education: General Dentist (BE), Endodontics training (FR)
    Company number: BE0719.501.854
    Inami number: 31712862001
    Professional liability insurance: Amma (contract number 2042417)
    muriel nacar

    Muriel Nacar

    Education: Management Engineer (Solvay Business School, ULB)