Dental implants

Restored oral function and aesthetics
nacar dental implants
A dental implant is an artificial root made of titanium or zirconia that is placed in the alveolar bone to replace one or more missing teeth. A fixed or removable dental prosthesis (often a ceramic crown) rests on this artificial root.

This technique has been around since 1965, and Dr. Nacar, a dentist specializing in implantology, can boast a wealth of experience in this technique, which calls for great expertise and the use of quality implants.
It's a medical procedure designed to restore the deficient mastication caused by a missing tooth. Missing teeth can displace adjacent teeth, preventing optimal occlusion and even increasing the risk of cavities.
What are the contraindications?
The main prerequisite is good bone. If this is not the case, several techniques are available to compensate for the lack of bone (shorter but wider implants, bone grafts, sinus fillers, etc.).

A number of factors may contraindicate the implant and cause it to fail. For example, valve disease, kidney failure, smoking, hypertension, certain allergies, diabetes...
Implant placement
At Nacar Dental Clinic, the treatments offered benefit from the latest technological and medical advances, and are always tailored to each individual case.

The technique for implant placement and the choice of implant type will be determined by the dentist to suit the patient's unique and overall oral situation, and the tooth or teeth to be replaced.

Some implants require two or three sessions, and can only be crowned after several months of healing. Others are implanted in one session, and the temporary crown is placed immediately afterwards.

As with any dental treatment, good oral hygiene is essential for implant success. And regular visits to your dentist are essential to keep your implant - and your natural teeth - healthy.
marc nacar

MARC Nacar

Dentist (CH)
Specialty: functional/esthetic oral rehabilitation and implantology
Education: Master in Dental Sciences (UCL, BE), Master in Implantology (NY, USA) and Craniofacial Aesthetics (Boston, USA)
Titles: President of the Belgian Society of Dentistry SMD (1990-1995), Founder and President of the Belgian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry BAED (1994), international lecturer and scientific editor.
inami number: 38711413001
BCE company number: BE 0442.644.454
Amma insurance: 599097
AFCN customer number: 502725
Professional visa number: 64110508720
géraldine frings


Dental assistant
camille de bock

Camille De Bock

Dental assistant
laetitia peira

Laetitia Peira

Dental assistant
alexandra collin

Alexandra Collin

Dental assistant
jade hetroy

Jade Hetroy

Specialization: dental hygiene and control
Education: Haute Ecole de Santé Publique (BE)
Inami number: 1-00173-08-000
Company number: BCE 0791-335-797
Curalia member number (pro insurance): 94491
Visa: 376545
chloé morier

Chloé Morier

Specialty: dental hygiene and control
Education: Ecole d'Hygiénistes Dentaires (Geneva)
Inami number: 1-00046-52-000
Company number: BCE 0797.904.281
Visa: 350710
maxime brouleau

Maxime Brouleau

Specialty: dental ceramics
Education: Certified Dental Technician
tatiana zogheib

Tatiana Zogheib

Specialty: orthodontics, Invisalign certification
Education: Faculty of Dentistry (USJ, Lebanon), Master's degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics (UIC, Spain)
BCE company number: BE0800.791.517
inami number: 32005050-007
Amma insurance: 2069325
VISA de travail: 170632
Laurette Lalo

Laurette Lalo

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Specialty: pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, aligner orthodontics with Invisalign certification
Education: Doctor of Dental Surgery (FR)
BCE company number: BE0823085580
Inami: 39818401001
Assurance Pro: AMMA SMD86797
manon dechambre

Manon Dechambre

Specialty: general dentistry and endodontics
Education: General Dentist (BE), Endodontics training (FR)
Company number: BE0719.501.854
Inami number: 31712862001
Professional liability insurance: Amma (contract number 2042417)
muriel nacar

Muriel Nacar

Education: Management Engineer (Solvay Business School, ULB)