Oral health of the pregnant woman

For a serene pregnancy!
oral health of the pregnant woman
Pregnancy is a physiological state characterized by endocrine upheaval and circulatory overactivation. These changes typically have an impact on the patient's oral health, and require a tailored approach and care that takes into account her physiological and psychological state, differentiated according to the stages of pregnancy.
What are the oral and dental changes associated with pregnancy?
  • more sensitivity and bleeding due to vascular activation
  • greater risk of infection, due to the immunosuppressive properties of progesterone
  • more acidic saliva due to changes in oral pH
  • more plaque
  • What oral and dental pathologies are linked to it and appear?
    Mucosal pathologies :
  • gravid gingivitis as an inflammatory response to the presence of increased bacterial plaque
  • epilus gravidarum, a benign tumor caused by physiological changes and poor oral hygiene
  • Dental pathologies :
  • tooth decay, linked to changes in oral pH
  • the heightened sensitivity threshold
  • diffuse pain in the oral cavity, whether or not related to the presence of caries and due to intrapulpal circulatory changes
  • dental erosion due to increased food acidity resulting from repeated vomiting
  • At Nacar Dental Clinic, the management, treatment and follow-up of these pathologies are carried out with the necessary precautions and in a spirit of trust, explaining the harmlessness of the procedures to the foetus, as well as the sensitivity of the pregnant patient.

    There is no contraindication to dental treatment during pregnancy. On the contrary, failure to follow up will have damaging repercussions.
    As professionals, we take every precaution to :
  • Manage the patient's stress and anxiety by establishing a climate of relaxation and trust. Dialogue and explanations of gestures are essential.
  • Reduce exposure to ionizing radiation during the first half of pregnancy. X-rays are reserved for imperative indications.
  • Reserve the first trimester for clinical assessment.
  • Prefer the second half of the year for non-urgent treatments. There are no contraindications to the use of anesthetics. We also pay close attention to the choice of filling materials and drug prescriptions.
  • Providing dental treatment for all stages of pregnancy, including emergencies.
  • In the third trimester, the patient's discomfort in the chair should also be taken into account.
  • We also recommend anticipating your pregnancy with a check-up at Nacar Dental Clinic to assess your oral health.

    Prevention and care are essential to maintaining and restoring your oral health during pregnancy. Anticipate any risks by making an appointment as soon as possible!
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